The TECField team developed, in partnership with the Science Office team, a new data visualization and computer graphics project for the European Space Agency (ESA), within the Rosetta mission.
You can experience the project in this link.

TECField develops Data Visualization for the European Space Agency (ESA)

Note from TECField’s co-founder, João Martinho Moura, here, about the “View Rosetta’s Comet” project.

For general inquiries please contact Ana Correia (ana [a]

Experience the visualization online at:




View Rosetta’s Comet has been developed by The Science Office and TECField for the ESA Directorate of Science and Robotic Exploration.


Project Coordination: The Science Office and  EJR-Quartz

  • Cees Walen – EJR
  • Karen O’Flaherty – EJR
  • Mariana Barrosa – SO
  • Luis Calçada – SO
  • Pedro Russo – SO

Software Team:

  • Oliver Jennrich (Scientist, development, ESA)
  • João Martinho Moura (Lead development, interface design, TECField / engageLab University of Minho)
  • Ana Correia (Coordination, interface test, TECField)
  • José Carlos Silva (Quality software analyses, TECField)
  • Jorge Sá (Software test, TECField)

Open source javascript libraries:

  • Three.js (Ricardo Cabello, et al)
  • JQuery (John Resig, et al)
  • soundJS (Gskinner, et al)
  • tween.js (Soledad Penadés, et. al)

Malmer Comet model:

  • Mattias Malmer

This interactive 3D visualization is supported only by WebGL compatible browsers and graphics cards. Further information is available here: